Oorlogswapens 4 Double XP, Golden Gear en Meer Rolling Out voor 1st Verjaardag GOW4's

In case you didn’t know, this month (oktober 11 to be exact) marks the first birthday of Oorlogswapens 4! To mark this occasion, The Coalition is rolling out a bunch of stuff, and one of them is global Oorlogswapens 4 double XP for an entire week

Aside from Oorlogswapens 4 double XP, there’s commemorativeGolden Gear,” and few more surprises to be announced next week.


We’re kicking off the celebrations with OVER a week of Double XP! Until October 16th, enjoy Double XP in Horde and Versus (which will be super helpful if you’re chasing your Seriously Year One emblem!)


Collect the commemorative Golden Gear and Golden Gear weapon skins this month! This 400 Credit Pack will only be available this month as a celebration of our 1st Birthdayonly those who were there and collected him will ever have this character. The Golden Gear Pack will be available until October 13th, and then again from October 20th for a short time.


By popular demand, the hip-fire only madness of Golden Gun is back! If you haven’t played Golden Gun, it’s an intense game mode of cat and mouseyou have one bullet in the chamber and no aiming down sights. Mis your shot and you’ll have a long (LONG) reload before you can take your next shot. Land it, and you’ll instantly gib your opponent and get a bullet back in the chamber. It’s crazy, it’s fun and it’s great for insane clips. Have fun out there.


On October 11th, one year after Gears of War 4, we’ll have a couple of little surprises in store. Keep your calendars open and stay tuned for even more surprises coming soon.

Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday! Once we know more details about the surprise, we’ll be sure to let our Oorlogswapens 4 readers know.

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